Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Petunia Pickle Bottom - I'm in love with my diaper bag

For Melissamakah (my week long birthday holiday) day 3 I got the most wonderful gift from Miles. I have been eyeing the Petunia Pickle Bottom "Cake" diaper bag even before I knew I wanted a baby. So naturally when we got pregnant that is what I wanted. Then it was just a matter of girl or boy to decide on the color. Clearly we are having a boy so then it was the question of black or brown. Does it match the baby's room or does it match the stroller? So you are probably reading this thinking to yourself how ridiculous I am and you are probably right but after a lot of back and forth I went with black. I don't want to push my black stroller with a brown diaper bag. And would I really showcase my diaper bag in the baby's room once the baby actually gets here? HA probably not. Even though the bag was a little (a lot) more than I wanted to spend or should spend I needed it! We did luck out so I told Miles this would be the perfect birthday gift (two months early). The deal was that if he bought it it had to be put up and never looked at until my birthday. IT'S ALL MINE NOW AND I AM IN LOVE!

This might be a little preview of what the baby's room looks like even though I said I wanted to wait until it was done. 

Tonight we also had dinner at Abuelo's with some pretty special friends of ours. It seems the older we all get the harder it is to get everyone together, A birthday is always a great excuse to see as many as can make it. Good mexican food, great company, a beautiful/stylish insulated bag from Ashley/Dustin, a bag full of goodies for the baby from Rob/Amie & a cookie cake with a big lady on it. I really enjoyed tonight. Thank you everyone. It really meant a lot! 

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