Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When it comes to my birthday some might say I am a little spoiled by my husband. For some reason Miles has always thought that my birthday should be something extremely over the top and special. It has become not only a day of celebrating me getting another year older but a week of celebrating. Each day Miles gets me some special gift and then I get my main gift on October 15th. Those that know us have learned and joke that this week is something we like to call Melissamukah. So with the baby coming this year I set a limit and told Miles not to go overboard because stuff for Gavin was much more important to me. Did he listen? It is day 2 of the birthday holiday and NO he did NOT listen.

Day 1 - I went into a shop downtown about a month ago and fell in love with this little antique end table that matched my baby's room perfectly. At the time I didn't have my chair in and as we all know I still don't have my furniture in so I decided to pass on this great item and wait until I knew what I needed. I was on the phone with Miles while looking at this end table but he really had no idea what it looked like. So yesterday when it appeared in the garage I was shocked. It is no surprise that Miles ignored the shop owner with her idea for which one I liked and went straight to the one I had seen a month ago. Yes, we are that couple. I'm not going to share a picture of it just yet but as soon as we get the crib and dresser I will get things in place and show off the end result. Week 16 of my furniture order being placed and still nothing. I would not recommend getting furniture at the Baby's Room in Rogers unless you order it the second you think you might want to get pregnant. Sorry for the side rant.

Day 2 - I got home from my nephews soccer practice and  Miles was showing me how to use the new baby monitor and he had this set up in the baby's room in front of the monitor. I got the sweetest ring from David Adams Jewelers that has Gavin Witt on it. I'm in love with this baby and he isn't even here. The best part about this gift is it was made to fit my right hand but since my fingers are swollen and FAT and my wedding ring won't fit right now I have this one to wear instead.

Other Events:
Miles had another client (Callie Summers) send him home with a baby gift after a photo shoot he did. 3 baby Einstein books, a snack pod, a bathtub corner cubby, a colorful rattle & the most precious book called Belly Button Book! I read the whole thing to Miles and got excited about reading it to Gavin soon. Thank you Callie!!!

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