Friday, April 8, 2011

Headband & Tutu for Harper

May 12! That is the day that my sweet niece Harper Grace Phillips is going to be born. Since this is the first baby girl in my side of the family, I have had a hard time keeping myself from going overboard with the gifts. Ok...I did go overboard but who is counting :) I made a beautiful tower of gifts for the shower we hosted at my house (photos to come in a later blog). There was no way I was pulling a gift from that for her "work" shower. SOOO I decided I would make something in the spirit of being a new crafter. Every little girl NEEDS tons of cute bows and headbands! It is just necessary. So I figured out how to make rosette flowers and crafted a headband. No headband is complete without a matching tutu. So I crafted one of those too! Check out the end result!


  1. The photos have a distinctly Melissa feel. Yes?

  2. Melissa,

    Hi!I met you at Denise and Vince's Wedding in St. Louis and was their strange girl who was talking about the cookies you posted on your blog :) I LOVE the headband and tutu! Adorable and so artsy! Let me know when you start selling them! My mom is a a foster mom and loves putting headbands on the little girls we get!