Friday, August 5, 2011


With three months and twenty days to go it is all starting to sink in. MILES AND I ARE HAVING A BABY!  As you know we were pretty secretive with the whole name process. We really wanted that to be something that was just us and then make people love it once we KNEW. I went through the 100,000 name book, the unique name book and the massive web search all the while keeping a running list of prospects. If both Miles and I didn't love the name it did not make the list :)  With that said, we know! Baby B will be named  Gavin Witt Boyer. Gavin because we love it. Witt because it is Miles middle name and a big part of the business we have worked to build. Boyer because that is what we are. I hope you all love it as much as we do. If you don't just keep it to yourself because it isn't going away (hahaha).

If the name wasn't more excitement than you could take here is what I have been doing lately. SHOPPING! Not shopping for little boy clothes but shopping for little man Gavins wardrobe. As you can see he is going to look a lot like his daddy! I just got a gap package in the mail today which are not shown above but trust me they are pretty stinking cute. Lindsey & Matt Lovelady got G his very first pair of Sperry's (top left). How cute are those??? Thanks again guys. We have received several other fun gifts that aren't shown above but trust me they are all adorable!!! The little lion was something I had been eyeing prior to getting pregnant and then it just so happened that it matches a portion of the fabric for the bedding my mom and I will be making. WE WILL HAVE TONS OF PICTURES TO COME AS THINGS KEEP MOVING ALONG.

As I'm sure you can tell my husband created this entire blog post for me (at least the picture part of it). I don't typically like photos of myself but I have had several requests for "bump" pictures. I am still a little hesitant about my growing belly being the center of attention. It just isn't natural. The first photo was taken in June while we were in Rhode Island. As you can see I was hardly showing if you can even tell. The second photo was taken in Alabama. Still not showing very much but getting there. The last set of photos were taking last minute on the side of the road on our way to Cade's birthday party. 

Aside from choosing a name, shopping and growing we have of course been keeping busy. I have made several passes at my own closet trying to make room for my "big girl" clothes. If you can get enough energy to actually clean it out, the best time is when you are preggo. Nothing little and cute is appealing at all and goes to the helping hands pile :) Gavin has been kicking and rolling for weeks now. He even kicked the dog the other day. It was pretty neat the first time Miles felt it. This little boy is strong. I am still sleeping good between bathroom breaks at night. I am LOVING food! I am HATING heat which is reflected by our high bill this month. I'm not sure what else to say besides I am loving the thought of meeting Gavin SOON! Check back soon because we have our 3D/4D ultrasound on the 18th!


  1. You are looking great Melissa! And what a cute collection of little man clothes!

  2. We LOVE the name, the clothing, the colors, and the family! So sweet. Wish we could hug - all of you! LOVE you guys!

  3. Awe Melissa I love Gavin Witt!!!!
    I'm so excited for you all this is just wonderful!!!
    I love all his lil clothes & such and "produced locally" HA!!
    I'm pretty sure my baby fever just maxed out on the baby accessories & such.
    You look beautiful & I'm glad you all did some "bump" pics :-)
    Hope to see you all soon!

  4. Ginger Nolan BoyerAugust 12, 2011 at 11:54 PM

    We love the name for our 1st Grandson and we are so touched that y'all chose Daddy Miles' middle name. A lot of history behind the Witt name!
    Love you 3,